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Mona A. Ahdab

Composer - Member of SACEM France

"There is no misunderstanding

in the musical language."

"It is a relief to get to know a composer who writes music in the style of the old masters. (...) a proof that composing is not only a male affair." (Walter Proost, conductor)

"(...) The composer demonstrates her mastery of her craft (...)"

(H. Couteau, former cultural programmer, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Antwerp, Belgium)

Mona's musical inspiration is at the crossroads between East and West. Born in Lebanon into a family of music lovers, Mona started playing piano at the age of three. Her passion for music became so clear, her mother enrolled her in piano classes at the age of four.

She continued her music studies in France at the "Conservatoire de Neuilly", and then at the russian "Conservatoire Rachmaninov" in Paris where she developed her piano skills and discovered a new passion for composing music with Alina Pavalache.

After graduating in business and psychology, she started studying "Orchestration I and II" with Berklee music (USA), music composition with her master Jean-Luc Kuczynski at "Polyphonies", France, and conducting classes in Brussels, Belgium.

She collaborated with several renowned artists in Canada and in the US, and recorded several compositions in Las Vegas (US) and Vancouver (Canada).

Mona has written various works for concert halls, Tv shows, films, documentaries as well as songs in Europe and in North America. Her music has been performed in big concert halls like the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Centre for Fine Arts (Bozar) in Brussels, Belgium.

Her work is listed in the "Recorded Repertory" of Music for Piano and Orchestra compiled by Dr Allan B. Ho, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA, the Dictionary of Lebanese composers compiled by Zeina S. Kayali and Vincent Rouquès, Séguier, Paris, France, and the CPML (Centre for the Lebanese Musical Heritage, Beyrouth, Lebanon).

Mona's inspiration transcends culture and time. Through her versatility and musicality, she's a citizen of the world who's always revealing the links between diverse heritages.